Where has the time gone?????

I just can’t believe it has been spring since I last post on my blog. Planting season was real torture this year. Rained, rained & more rain. We replanted several fields 3 times. Finally got done planting July 17th, I’ll have to admit my spirits were low, but as summer went on, we were blessed with crop growing rainfall. Now summer is over, harvest is here, corn is doing very well. Yields are about as good as we’ve ever had, on fields that drain well. Wetter laying land has suffered somewhat. This is the year for a change here at Broster Farms, we changed combine brands, we now have a “Red” machine instead of green. I’m still trying to make friends with this new combine, so far so good. My late dad always said,”every days a school day”- learning a new machine all computer driven, he was definitely right!!LOL

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