Farm Storage

Here at Broster Farms we are always improving our grain storage to take advantage of the benefits of forward pricing, holding for a higher price and segragating storage for our specialty crops.

In 2010 we constructed our newest bin, a 75,000 bushel, 48′ storage bin. Our main storage here at the home farm consists of 290,000 bushels storage, scales, and a 20′ Super-B continuous flow dryer, ran buy a Quantum computer controller. The Quantum enables us to dry the commodity very efficently for energy savings.

Our second largest bin location is at our Keensburg, Il farm, with two 42′ -30,000 bushel bins, constructed in 2007 for a total of 60,000 bushels, with DMC stir-ators. These stir-ators preform very well for our specialty crops.

We also have another 50,000 bushels of storage at other various farm locations in Wabash and Edwards counties which brings our total storage to 400,000 bushels of on farm storage. Having this on farm storage, enables us to have a continuous non- stop harvest, without elevator line delays allowing our farm to be very efficient.